“Daddy Lets go Back”

This past year I wrote song to all those who were affected by the Fires in Paradise CA.  As most of you know California had a horrible year with fires and many homes were lost as well as lives lost.  The Camp Fire in Paradise CA, not only did the whole town go up in flames but lives were lost.

As I watched the news daily, my heart was breaking in two.  So much pain and suffering for these people, life was normal one day then everything shattered the next.  Something that nobody can honestly say they know what they are going through unless they’ve lived through such devastation.

One evening I was on my Twitter and a friend sent me a Tweet with a Video attached.  There was a father driving through the fire, trying to get his family to safety. As he drove through the fire, he was videotaping it on his phone and trying to keep his daughter calm.  The flames were shooting on both sides of the road as the emergency vehicles were passing by.  The little girl was asking her daddy to go back, she didn’t like the fire.  He told her they were going to be okay, and they did safely reach the edge of town and made it out of the fire safely.

For the next few days I thought about that Video, and the words came to me, so I wrote down what I was feeling at the time.  I wrote the song lyrics and turned to a good friend of mine named Larry Meador.  I asked if he’d like to help me with putting the music to the lyrics and sing the song.  The amazing thing was, Larry sang the song exactly how I was singing it here on this end when I wrote it.

You can find this song on Reverbnation the title of the song is “Daddy Lets go Back.”.  Even though not many from the Camp Fire in Paradise will ever hear this song that I’ve written, it is still my tribute to them.  I just hope and pray that where ever they are and whatever direction that their lives have gone, they are healing, and are getting on with their lives.

This is a perfect example of sometimes we think we have it all, and in return we still want more, and how life can change so quickly, and when everything is stripped away, and all our material things are gone, we see that what matters the most is our life, our health, family and our pets.  May God Bless each and everyone who was affected by the fires, and I do hope you enjoy this song…

Thank you, Sheri Lynn

Just Everyday Life, Is A Song Waiting To Be Written.