“Thank you Everyone for Following & Your Kindness”

Well, here we are at the end of another Month in the year of 2018. These months seem to be passing by quickly and before we all know it the holiday season will be upon us. I was trying to think of what I wanted to share this month on my Blog and have decided to do a Blog on Thanks and acts of kindness.

I have been on Twitter for a few short months short of 3 years, starting out I didn’t have a clue to what it was all about and now feel pretty comfortable with what it’s all about. I am nearing in on 15,000 Followers which in my eyes is pretty amazing. And out of these Followers I have some pretty Big names Following me! Big Artist such as most of you already know Travis Tritt, Toby Keith, Crystal Gayle, The Gatlin Brothers, The Oak Ridge Boys, Joe Diffie, Aaron Tippin, TG Sheppard, Kelly Lang, Marie Osmond, Eddie Money, Aaron Carter, Clay Walker, Gretchen Carlson, Kathy Ireland, Craig Wayne Boyd, and more, just to name a few.

Now with all these Fake/Imposters out there in the twitter world some might say, “Yeah right sure she just has a bunch of Fakes following her!” But just to let you know I found out very quickly what a Fake/Imposter is on Twitter. When you get a Direct Message from George Strait, asking for your phone number, you’re like yeah right. When Alan Jackson hits you up with a secret date, just don’t tell nobody. You’re like oh for heavens sake, what is going on here. And Kenny Chesney will tell you how special you really are. It’s all about common sense. Why would any of these major artists be interested in me, they don’t even know me. So, you learn quickly these truly are Fake/Imposters. So, for all you who are questioning me on the Major Artist above, yes these are the real deal. They all have Verified Accounts.

I have been asked many times, “Sheri how do you know who’s a Fake/Imposter?” There are so many tell, tell signs when it comes to these Fakes. And just recently the Artist themselves are telling you how to spot a Fake in a new Video. But some still are confused, I will tell you a few things to watch for here:

1. One of the Biggest is Hardly NO Followers, come on a Major Artist and he or she only has 20 or 30 Followers. Give me a Break, there is no way Luke Bryan, Travis Tritt, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney to name a few, would only have a very few Followers!

2. Look at their very First Tweet on their page, the odds are it’s a Re-tweet from the REAL Artist, so right then and there you know for a fact it’s a FAKE! Look closely that Real account will show the verification seal the blue circle with the check mark in the middle.

3. No major Artist will ask you for money, plain and simple. Think about it, why would they be asking you for money? This really should be one of the biggest red flags, report them ASAP and block them.

4. Check to see when the account was started. Most Fake accounts are new accounts, just opened in the last few months, if you’ve got someone like George Strait, Travis Tritt etc. there is no way they just opened their account in April, May or June of 2018. Again, look for the verification seal!

5. Do not give out any of your private information, meaning your phone number, address, no major artist will ask you for your private information online.

6. It all boils down to common sense. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Trust your gut instinct and always, always remember to look for the Blue Verification seal with the check mark in the middle.

I have also had some say, well not all major artist has been given the Blue Verification seal, and that is true too, but again, look for the number of Followers, if it’s a fairly well-known artist they are going to have more than 4 or 5 hundred followers. Well, I could go on and on with the subject but I have given you the major things to watch for in the Fake/Imposter Twitter world. But to protect you and others always Report and Block please.

So, getting back to my Blog of thanks, I thank ALL of the Major Artist and well-known people in the world for Following me, it means a lot to me and I appreciate it so much more than you’ll ever know.

I would like to say a Big Thank you to @bigtime_radio for playing some of the songs I’ve written on Big Time Radio, also a thank you goes out to James Davis, Greg Frisch, Becky Harge and all their support they give. I am forever grateful for all the plays and encouraging words about the songs I’ve written. If you haven’t done so already down load the Big Time Radio App and listen! And most of all don’t forget to #Follow @bigtime_radio on Twitter!

Another Big Thank you goes out to @kdubhitcountry! Thank you so much for all you do! I would like to thank you for starting up the 1st Annual KICMA Awards for 2018! Way to go! Also thank you for the 2 nominations! For those of you reading this stop by their Twitter page #Follow @kdubhitcountry and vote for all your favorites! The 1st round Voting goes until July 13th. So best wishes and thank you for your faith in the songs I’ve written! www.kdubhitcountry.com

A special thank you to Indie Country Radio @newcountrysbest with @timkellyonair thank you so much for all you do! Thank you for all your wonderful support, and this is another fantastic radio show to #Follow! www.indiecountryradio.net

I have also been blessed with the wonderful support of @7522radio. I hope you all will go by and check out their Radio station! The amazing support they are showing and giving to Indie Artist is Outstanding! Thank you to 752.2 radio for building up a wonderful music page for all the songs I’ve written. Just stopped by today and in the Top 20 charts I have a song sitting in the #1 position titled “Daddy I’m Right Here”, #2 How will he Tell Her and the #4 position with my song “Have you set me Free”. Totally amazing and Thank you so much for all your wonderful support! If you go by to check them out, please stop by their Twitter page and give them a #Follow! You will find so many wonderful Artist, here’s a link to their online Radio! www.7522radio.com

I would also like to thank @KickingEagle and @musicgirl365 at Kicking Eagle Int’l for all their wonderful support that they have given to everyone including me. I have appreciated all the support over this past couple of years, and I thank you. You can check them out at www.countrybandstand.com, www.eaglemediagroup.com when you stop by I hope that you will give them a #Follow on Twitter and check out all the support they give to everyone. So much hard work goes into their projects.

Thank you to Billy Power @vanman1000 from TCRFM Ireland a Radio presenter! Thank you so much for sharing my music on your FM Radio station in Ireland! I am forever grateful for featuring my music on your FM Radio Station on your Tuesday Country Show and for all your continued support! Please go by and give Billy Power a #Follow on Twitter at @vanman1000!

I would also like to Thank @AllysAtticShow and @Avaliveradio for the interviews in the past, you both are amazing and do such wonderful work! Thank you for taking the time to allow a songwriter to be featured on your shows! I truly Appreciate all the support you both have given me! I hope everyone will also #Follow both these wonderful ladies on their Twitter accounts! You can hear my interviews with them on my website at www.sheri-lynn.net .

Thank you to Randy Lockhart at @chiefwriters Randy works hard on all the magazines that he’s produced over the past few years in helping all the Indie Artist and shows support in his many magazines. Randy and I worked on www.indiemusicmagazine.live together in helping many Indie Artist, Randy also supports my website. So, a big thank you Randy for all you do. Please go by and give him a #Follow too on Twitter!

A thank you goes out to @DSRNDebbie at “Debbie Scott Radio” thank you for supporting my music and playing it on your radio station! Please stop by Debbie’s Twitter page and give her a #Follow. Check out www.debbiescottradio.com when you have time!

A Big Thank you goes out to Ray at @KeepinItCntry for  doing a feature story on me in the past too! All the support,  and Re-tweets is very much appreciated! Thank you so much!  Go by and give Ray at @KeepinItCntry a #Follow for all his hard work!

A SpecialThank you goes out to #Followers on Twitter such as @EdHarrisMusic, @1954caz, @Bozesgirl66, @CheekyAussieGuy, @manni_best, @lisnorrland, @CathyHill53, @AshNicole_08, @CodiePrevostUK, @melissamorris50, @johnreichardwes and so many more that I would be here forever trying to type them all, Just know if you’re #Following me I Appreciate you very much and am Grateful…

Thank you to ALL who have taken the time to listen to the songs I’ve written, the Re-tweets, the comments and sharing your daily lives with me. I know as we all live busy lives sometimes we don’t share what truly means the most to us. So, I wanted to take this June 2018 Blog and say “Thank You All for touching my Life, you are truly Special and I do Appreciate YOU!”

A Big Thank you goes out to Travis Tritt for allowing me to do “#TravisTrittTuesday each week, for giving a little of his time when time permits to engage with the Fans. Sometimes just that “Like” of a tweet makes someone’s day! Thank you. As special thank you to Randy Logan @PUTSOMEDRIVETT for sharing his Travis Tritt Collection and knowledge each week with all us Travis Tritt Fans!

Well, everyone I hope you all have a great weekend, and a safe 4th of July which is coming up soon, sending you all much Happiness and plenty of smiles to go around! Thank you!

Love to All, Sheri Lynn

Just Everyday Life, Is A Song Waiting To Be Written.