Making Memories With Music

Well, this year seems to be moving along rather quickly, and this thing we call “Life” has many twists and turns for sure!

My journey as a song lyric writer has some exciting rewards from time to time, with communicating with many talented Artists who are in the spotlight and some who are not. But you know what? We all have a little “Star Quality” inside us, we just have to find it and share it with the world!

I enjoy sharing other Artists music, as well as my own songs I’ve written. I’ve always felt what good is a song if it’s not shared and If nobody hears it? There are so many songs with important messages inside them, that others can relate to. That can lift their spirits, there are songs that can also bring tears, but sometimes that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing, because you know it’s touched right down to their very soul. When emotions surface, you know you’ve found a song with a purpose.

Songs of Love most everyone can relate to, weather it be family, friend, spouse, lover or even the family pet! Love is one of the biggest emotions we all carry around with us. I truly feel we were put on this Earth to “Love and Be Loved in Return.” So, songs about Love or breaking up can touch many hearts. You can open up someone’s eyes and heart, to show just how much you care just by sharing one of your favorite Love songs with that special someone. When they hear the song, it will instantly be processed into their memory and each and every time it is heard, that memory will surface. That’s just what music does, now how cool is that.

One memory that quickly comes to mind today while writing this is a song from my youth. The songs title is “Sherry Baby” by Franki Valli & the Four Seasons. One day when I was riding the school bus home from High School, this song came on the radio, everyone on the school bus was singing the song and looking at me. Embarrassed yes, but what a fun memory to look back on. So now once in a blue moon I hear that song being played and it takes me back to another place and time. Yes, music and memories…

So, with all this being said, I hope you continue on enjoying your favorite music, and remember if you want to make a special memory, share some music with someone you love, make a memory that last a lifetime, we are only on this Earth such a short time, so make the best of it, with music!

When you find a song you enjoy buy it, share it, and most of all Enjoy it and, in the end, everyone is rewarded!

Till next time, sending love to all,

Sheri Lynn

Just Everyday Life, Is A Song Waiting To Be Written.