Song “Daddy I’m Right Here”

Today I thought its about time to write another Blog entry, it’s been way too long, since my last entry, and would like to be more consistent with sharing about my songwriting.  Today I want to share the newest song I wrote titled “Daddy I’m Right Here.” This is a song that was written to hopefully open eyes of busy parents who don’t take the time with their children and see how everyday life affects them emotionally.

The song is about a young girl, who waits by the window for her father to get home from work, the father walks in and has so much on his mind from the day, he doesn’t even see her. This goes on year after year, and the girl grows up thinking it was all her fault.  She spent many of nights wondering was it her, did she do something wrong?  But in reality it wasn’t, it was just a busy father who had too much on his mind to even notice, his daughter was hurting inside.

She grows up, and looks back on life, daddy doesn’t seem to realize that she never got to be daddy’s little girl, but mama’s sunshine instead.  The emptiness she feels inside, because she feels she never really got to know her father.   Now looking back was it really her fault?  But now with children of her own she must go on, and make for the best for her little girls, because she never wants them to feel the way she did growing up.

My hope is to open eyes of many mothers and fathers out in the world to see that they need to take time with their children, even if only for a moment when they walk in the door can make a world of difference, still sitting down as a family eating dinner and showing them your undivided attention, and asking how their day went.  Truly showing that you care, because you don’t want your children feeling like this little girl, growing up thinking it’s all their fault.

So in closing I hope you’ll take the time to listen to “Daddy I’m Right Here” with vocals by Sandi Kight. I hope if you enjoy the song you will pass it along for others to hear, because I feel if it can open the eyes of just one mother or father, this song will have made a difference.  Thank you…

Much Love, Sheri Lynn

Just Everyday Life, Is A Song Waiting To Be Written.